Sadistic Message Services!

Affordable Leather now offer a wide choice of Fetish, BDSM and Hardcore Domination adult SMS message services!
24 Hours a day... Seven days a week.

Simply select your area of interest, text the appropriate code to 69992 (£1.50 per msg, max 2 sent) and they'll send a reply
so you can detail exactly what you want to enjoy!

Below are some suggestions to whet your appetite...

WARNING: Be aware that this service is hardcore and highly explicit with adult content and thus is strictly for over 18's only!

Mistress in chain bra, thigh boots, wielding a crop

Get on your knees, slave and prepare to feel my crop!

Text 4BDSM and suffer!

Mistress face sitting

Feel my bottom on your face.

Text 4DOMME and prepare to be smothered...!

Slave kissing boots

Get down there and worship my spike-heeled boots, worm!

Text 4FETISH and get ready to lick

Schoolgirl bending over

I know I've been naughty, but please don't punish me too hard!

Text 4SUB and turn her bottom bright red!!

Mistress with strap on dildo

I'll take you hard with my big strap-on dildo!

Text 4BDSM then bend over and spread 'em!

Mistress holding a collar and leash

Your collar awaits. Wear it and be my slave.

Text 4DOMME to serve me.

Slave dressesd in frilly maids outfit

Forced into your Mistress' maid service.

Text 4FETISH and satisfy my every command.

Slave girl blindfolded, gagged and nipple clamped

I'm at your mercy, Sir!

Text 4SUB and use me for your pleasure...

Mature Mistress in pink bloomers

Aunty will punish you in her silky pink bloomers.

Text 4FETISH for old-fashioned discipline.

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Don't see what you want?

Then just text 4DOMME, 4SUB, 4FETISH or 4BDSM and tell us what you want and we'll ensure you get what you enjoy!

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You must be over 18 and have the bill payer's permission to call for ALL

£1.50 per message. Max 2 sent. Messages sent at your regular network fee. Users must be 18+ Exit by sending "STOP" to 69992. By joining you consent to receive promotional messages until you decide to opt out.
Service provider: Revernet Ltd Suite 11, Penhurst House, 352-356 Battersea Park Road, London SW11 3BY. Helpline 0800 471 4942. This is a virtual chat service, no meeting or dating promised or implied.

Please note: The Mobile Phone Text Service (SMS) is for UK residents only.

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