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All sizes of Stainless Steel Collars available

Dental Gags Back in Stock

Ejaculating Strap-ons back in stock!

IMPORTANT - April 8th London Alternative Market

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PVC Dental Gags Back in stock

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Online Store Categories

1 Row Spiked Collars

2 Inch Collars

2 Row Spiked Collars

3 Inch Collars



Adjustable Leather Utility Straps

Basic Vibrators


Belts and Binders

Big Vibrators



Bondage Equipment

Braided Leather Floggers

Butt Plugs


Cat Nails

Cat o’Nine Tails

Chain Bikini

Chain to Wrists and Ankles

Chair Dildo Straps

Chastity Devices

Chin-up Collars



Collars, Cuffs and Mittens



Deluxe Collars

Deluxe Cuffs

Deluxe Cuffs and Collars



Discipline Equipment (Whips, Floggers, Paddles, Tawses etc)

Discounted BDSM Starter Sets

Dog Collars

Door Restriction Bars

Door Restriction Bars and Utility Straps

Double Chair Dildo

Double Ended Triggers

Dragon Claw

Dragons Tail Whip


Electrical Accessories

Electrical Dildos

Electrical Play

Electro Play Boxes

Female Latex Wear

Fetish Wear

Fetish Wear



Gags (Ball, Bit, Penis, Bridle, Ring etc)

Gift Certificates


Gloves and Fetish Wear



Harnesses and Strap-On Dildos

Hobble and Spreader Bars

Hobble Bars

Hogtie Binders


Horse Hair Floggers

Inflatable Dildos

Latex Wear


Leather Hoods


Male Chastity

Male Harnesses

Male Latex Wear


Masks, Hoods And Blindfolds

Metal Collars

Metal Gear


Nipple Clamps

Other Whips



Penis Dildos

Penis Restraints

Rabbit Vibrators


Remote Control Vibrators

Riding Crops

Rubber Dildos

Rubber Hoods

Sensation Play

Sex Toys

Silicone Lubes

Single Chair Dildo

Single Tail Whips

Spanking Skirts

Spare Batteries

Spiked Collars

Spiked Stimulators

Spreader Bars

Strait Jackets and Sleep Sack

Strap-On Dildos


Studded Bracers

Suede Thong Floggers

Super Heavy Suede Loop Tail Floggers

Suspension Bars

Suspension Bondage

Suspension Cuffs



Toy and Intimate Cleaners

Utility Chains

Utility Linking Chains

Utility Rings

Velcro Binders

Velcro Collars

Velcro Cuffs

Velcro Straps


Vibrators, Plugs, Dildos and Batteries

Wartenberg Pinwheels

Waterproof Vibrators

Wax Play Candles

Wet Brand Lubes

Wrist - Elbow - Thigh - Ankle Cuffs

Online Store Products

1 1/2 inch Leather Strap Male Body Harness

1 inch Leather Back Strap

1 inch Leather Strap Male Body Harness

1 Row Spiked Leather Collars

10 Pounds BDSM Gift Certificate

100 Pounds BDSM Gift Certificate

2 inch Leather Back Strap

2 inch Leather Belt

2 inch Leather Collar with 3 D Rings

2 inch Ring Leather Male Cock Harness

2 Row Spiked Leather Collars

24 Inch Velcro Fastening Leather Strap

25 Pounds BDSM Gift Certificate

3 inch Leather Collar with 3 D Rings

3 Wheel Wartenburg Metal Pinwheel

30 Inch Velcro Fastening Leather Strap

36 Inch Velcro Fastening Leather Strap

4 inch Leather Belt

48 Inch Velcro Fastening Leather Strap

4mm Jack Plugs

5 inch Leather Belt

5 Pounds BDSM Gift Certificate

5 Wheel Wartenburg Metal Pinwheel

50 Pounds BDSM Gift Certificate

7 Wheel Wartenburg Metal Pinwheel

A Pair of Double Ended Trigger Hooks

Adjustable Elasticated Japanese Clover Clamps to Cock Ring

Adjustable Metal Nipple C-Clamps

Adventures of an Underwear Fitter Vol. 2

Adventures of an Underwear Fitter Vol. 3

Adventures of an Underwear Fitter Vol. 5

Anal Finger Butt Plug

Aneros Prostate Massager

Audio Controlled E-Stim Systems Electrical Play Box

Ball-ended Single Tail Leather Whip

Betty - Waist Cincher Leather Corset

Big Hand Riding Whip

Big Tab Riding Whip

Black Butt Plug

Black Suede Pussy/ Cock Whip

Bodyglide Lube

Braided Flogger Black/ Red

Braided Flogger with tabs Black

Braided Flogger with tabs Red

Breather Ball Gag

Bridle/ Blinker Pony Play Gag with D Rings for Reins

Bully Boy Multi-speed Vibrator

Butt Plug with Soft Nodules

CB-2000 Chastity Cage

CB-3000 Male Chastity Cage

CB-6000 Male Chastity Cage

Chain Bra

Chain Choker Collar

Chain Leash

Chain Linked Nipple to Labia Screw Adjustable Clamps

Chain Linked Nipple to Labia Tweezer Adjustable Clamps

Chain Skirt

Chain to Wrist and Ankle Cuffs Set

Chain to Wrist and Ankles

Chair Double Dildo Leather Strap

Chair Single Dildo Leather Strap

Classic Flesh Tone Butt Plug

Cleaning Day

Coffin Shape Studded Leather and Suede Paddle

Collar with Back Strap and Cuffs Set

Coloured Ankle Hobble Bar

Coloured Leg Spreader Bars

Combined Soft Rubber Ball and Bit Gag

Deep Rubber Bra

Deluxe 2 inch Leather Collar

Deluxe 3 inch Leather Collar

Deluxe 3 inch wide Buckling Leather Ankle Cuffs

Deluxe 3 inch wide Buckling Leather Wrist Cuffs

Deluxe 3 inch wide Locking Leather Ankle Cuffs, extra long

Deluxe Ejaculating Dildo with Pump and Suction Cup Base

Deluxe Leather Wave Posture Collar - Large

Deluxe Leather Wave Posture Collar - Small

Devil Tail Leather Tawse

Dipstick Urethral Sound


Door Jam Restriction Bar and Cuffs Set

Double Hand Leather Mitten

Double Ring Leather Strap-on Dildo Harness

Dragons Claw Stainless Steel Scratcher

Dressage Whip

Dual Electro Conductive Pinwheel

E-Stim Systems Remote Controlled Electrical Play Box

E-Stim Systems Ultra Pack - Intro to Electro Play For Him and Her Series 1 Box

Electrically Conductive Rubber Loops

Electrically Conductive Rubber Straps

Elegance - Over Bust Leather Corset, extra long

Extendable Leg Spreader Bar

Extendable Leg Spreader Bar with Ankle Cuffs

Five Chain Clover Nipple Clamps

Five Ridge Penis Plug with Ring

Five Rings of Hell Metal Penis Restraint

Five Strap Leather Arm Binder

Five Tail Leather Tawse

Flanged Electro Butt Plug

Flat Studded Leather Tawse

Flying Wing Leather Posture Collar

Four Metal Catnails (plus one FREE) Save ££25!

Four Tail Leather Tawse

G-Spot Smooth Multi-speed Vibe

Gates of Hell Leather Penis Restrainer

Giant Strap-on Dildo Harness

Gift Certificate

Head Harness Breather Gag

Head Harness Japanese Mouth Plug Gag

Heavy Weight Braided Leather Whip

Heavy Weight Leather Cat o’Nine Tails

Heavy Weight Riding Whip

High Heel Restraining Straps

Hipster - Under Bust Leather Corset

Horse Hair Flogger - Black

Horse Hair Flogger - White

Inflatable Latex Rubber Butt Plug

Inflatable Rubber Hood

Inflatable Strap-on Dildo Harness

Intro to Electro Play For Her E-Stim Systems Series 1 Box

Intro to Electro Play For Him E-Stim Systems Series 1 Box

Jennings PVC Coated Dental Gag

King Size Multi-speed Vibrator

Knee to Ankle Spanking Binder Set

Knoppler Leather and Suede Paddle

Lace Veil Leather Mask

Lady Finger Vibrator

Large Foam Filled Latex Rubber Dildo (6 inch)

Large Inflatable Latex Rubber Dildo

Large Ring Pony Style Bit Gag

Large Tube of Electro Conductive Gel

Latex Corselette

Latex Hood with Eye, Nose and Mouth holes

Latex Leotard

Latex Rubber Bit Gag

Latex Rubber Penis Gag

Latex Rubber Penis Gag with Dildo

Latex Stockings

Latex Suspender Belt

Leather and Chain Bra

Leather and Chain G-string

Leather Ankle to Toe Binder

Leather Boot Dildo Strap

Leather Chin-up Posture Collar with 3 D Rings

Leather Choker Collar with 2 Rows of Flat Studs

Leather Choker Collar with Flat Studs

Leather Choker with O Ring

Leather Choker with Seven Chains

Leather Choker with Wide Space Studs

Leather Collar with 2 inch Ring and 3 D Rings

Leather Crotch Harness

Leather Elbow Bondage Cuffs Sexy Restraints BDSM Black Red

Leather Executioner Style Hood

Leather Hood With Blindfold & Mouth Piece

Leather Hood With Blindfold and Removable Latex Rubber Mouth Plug

Leather Hood With Eye Flaps & Zip Mouth

Leather Hood With Zip Eyes & Zip Mouth

Leather Knee to Ankle Binder

Leather Lace up Penis Sheath

Leather Leash

Leather Mistress or Female Slave Body Harness

Leather Mistress or Female Slave Breast Ring Harness

Leather Parachute Ball Stretcher

Leather Pony Play Reins

Leather Rose Tipped Riding Crop

Leather Shoulder Yoke Arm Binder Restriction Harness

Leather Soft End Single Tail Whip

Leather Spanking Skirt Midi

Leather Strap-on Dildo Harness

Leather T Crotch Strap

Leather Thigh Dildo Strap

Leather Tongue Gag

Leather Utility Restriction Straps

Leather Velcro Fastening Ankle Cuffs

Leather Velcro Fastening Wrist Cuffs

Leather Wrist to Thumb Binder

Leather X Hogtie Bondage Restraint

Leather X Shape Male Chest Harness 1 1/2 inch Strap

Leather X Shape Male Chest Harness 1 inch Strap

Leather Y Hogtie Bondage Restraint

Leather Y Shape Male Chest Harness 2 inch Strap

Light Weight Leather Covered Swagger Cane

Light Weight Leather Thong Cat o’Nine Tails

Light Weight Riding Whip

Locking Chain Wrist Cuffs

Locking Head Harness Pony Bit Gag

Long Handled Five Tail Quirt

Long Leather Dragons Tail Whip

Long Neck Insertable Probe

Long Oval Leather Paddle

Loose Chain Skirt

Male Rubber Pouch Pants

Mature Women Vol.1

Mature Women Vol.2

Medium Weight Leather Thong Cat o’Nine Tails

Metal Adjustable Chopstick Nipple Clamps

Metal Ankle Hobble Bars

Metal Bondage Suspension Bar 12 inch (30cm)

Metal Bondage Suspension Bar 30 inch (75cm)

Metal Catnail

Metal Collar Small

Metal Handle Leather Loop Whip

Metal Leg Spreader Bars

Metal Shrews Fiddle

Mini G-Spot Vibrator

Mini Horse Hair Flogger - Black

Mini Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug

Mini Suede Flogger Black

Mini Suede Flogger Red

Mini Urethral Sound

Multi-Speed Classic Vibrator

Nice and Nasty Vampire Gloves

Nikki’s Girdles

Open Crotch Rubber Panties

Open Face Latex Hood

Open Front Leather Bra

Oyster Duo Multi-speed RC Twin

Oyster Multi-speed RC Vibrator

Pack of Four Adhesive Electrode Pads

Padded Leather Blindfold

Padded Leather Blindfold with Eye Dips

Pair of 36 inch Leather Utility Bondage Straps

Pair of 7 inch Studded Bracers

Pair of Clip on Metal Nipple Rings

Pair of Crocodile Clips

Pair of Door Restriction Bars with Heavy Duty Nylon Clips

Pair of Door Restriction Bars with Metal D Rings

Pair of Elastic Cock Strap Electrodes

Pair of Lace up Leather Bondage Mittens

Pair of Leather Ankle Cuffs

Pair of Leather Elbow Cuffs

Pair of Leather Fist Bondage Mittens

Pair of Leather Suspension Loops for Wrists or Ankles

Pair of Leather Thigh Cuffs

Pair of Leather Wrist Cuffs

Pair of Metal Catnails (Save ££5)

Pair of Padded Leather Mittens

Pair of Padlocks

Pair of Plain Buckling Leather Suspension Cuffs

Pair of Spiked Bracers

Pair of Utility Rings

Pairs of Utility Chains

Peephole Rubber Bra

Penis Ring with Leather Strap

Penis Ring with Urethral Plug

Penis Sound with Ball End

Pike Insertable Electro Probe

Ping Pong Leather and Suede Paddle

Plain Japanese Mouth Plug Gag

Plain Leather Blindfold

Plain Leather Mask

Plain Rubber Bra

Plain Rubber Panties

Pony Tail Butt Plug

Professional Hinged Handcuffs

Professional Metal Handcuffs

Pump Up Inflatable Rubber Ball Gag

Pump Up Inflatable Rubber Butterfly Gag

Purple Leather Dragons Tail Whip

PVC Coated Ring Gag Black or Red

Quality Leather Lined Sleep Sack

Quality Leather Lined Strait Sack

Quality Lined Leather Strait Jacket

Razor Strop Leather Tawse

Real Feel Dildo (6 inch)

Red Rose End Cat o’Nine Tails Flogger

Red Suede Pussy/ Cock Whip

Remote Control Butterfly Obsession

Remote Control Vibrating Cock Ring

Remote Torpedo Vibrator

Ring Gag

Rubber Corselette with Inflatable Breasts

Rubber Dress

Rubber Mini Skirt

Rubber Panties with Clit Stimulator

Rubber T-Shirt

Rubber Vest

Screw Adjustable Nipple Clamps

Screw on Adjustable Nipple Clamps with Weights

Series 2B E-Stim Systems Electrical Play Box with Pro Pack

Set of ten plastic locks

Sex Toy and Intimate Cleaning Wipes

Sex Toy Cleaning Spray

Shoe Sole Leather and Suede Paddle

Silicone Ball Gag Black or Red

Silver Ball-end Braided Sjambok Style Black Leather Whip

Single Chain Clover Nipple Clamps

Single Sleeve Leather Armbinder / Monoglove

Six Strap Leather Leg Binder

Slugger Leather and Suede Paddle

Small Foam Filled Latex Rubber Dildo (5 inch)

Small Hand Riding Whip

Small Inflatable Latex Rubber Dildo

Small Neck Insertable Probe

Small Tube of Electro Conductive Gel

Soft Carry Case

Soft Heart Paddle

Soft Leather Button Wrist Elbow Length Evening Gloves Black Red or White

Soft Leather Button Wrist Opera Length Evening Gloves Black or Red

Soft Leather Lace-up Opera Length Evening Gloves Black or Red

Soft Red Leather Strap-on Dildo Harness

Soft Ridged Butt Plug

Soft Rubber Ball Gag Black or Red

Soft Rubber Head Harness Ball Gag Black or Red

Soft Suede Cat o’Nine Tails

Soft-end Short Single Tail Leather Whip

Sophisticat - Over Bust Leather Corset

Soy Wax Play Candles - 3 Pack

Soy Wax Play Candles - 3 Packs for the Price of 2

Spiked Leather Hood With Zip Eyes and Zip Mouth

Spread Eagle Bed Bondage Restraint Strap Set | Real Leather

Stainless Steel Ball Weight

Stainless Steel Braided Wire Collar

Stainless Steel Locking Collar

Story of O Leather Collar

Straight Penis Plug with Drain Hole

Strap-on Latex Rubber Dildo with Vaginal Probe

Strap-on Latex Rubber Ejaculating Dildo

Studded Leather Cat Girl Mask

Studded Leather Cock/ Dildo Harness

Suede Flogger - Black and Purple Suede

Suede Flogger - Black Suede

Suede Flogger - Red Suede

Super Heavy Suede Loop Tail Flogger - Black

Super Heavy Suede Loop Tail Flogger - Black and Purple

Super Heavy Suede Loop Tail Flogger - Black and Red

Super Heavy Suede Loop Tail Flogger - Red

Swagger Cane with Silver Ball End

Switch Strap on Dildo Harness

The Curve Male Chastity Cage

The Stocktake

Three Ridge Penis Plug with Ring

Three Tail Leather Tawse

Torpedo Insertable Electro Probe

Triple Chain Clover Nipple Clamps

Tweezer Adjustable Bell Nipple Clamps

Tweezer Adjustable Nipple Clamps

Tweezer Adjustable Nipple to Clit Clamps

Two Bipolar Conductive Electrodes

Two Tail Leather Tawse

Two Tone Gold Vibrator

Utility Ring Leather Belt

Velcro Fastening Bondage Binders Set

Velcro Fastening Leather Collar

Veriprobe Vaginal Electrode

Vibrating Dildo 6 inch

Vibrating Dildo 8 inch

Vibrating Egg

Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plug

Vibrating Screw Adjustable Nipple Clamps

Vintage - Under Bust Leather Corset

Wartenburg Metal Pinwheel

Wartenburg Metal Pinwheel Special

Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator

Wave Penis Plug with Drain Hole

Whitehead PVC Coated Dental Gag

Whitehead Stainless Steel Dental Gag

X Hogtie Bondage Restraint Set

XL Inflatable Latex Rubber Dildo

Y Hogtie Bondage Restraint Set

News and Updates

IMPORTANT - April 8th London Alternative Market

05/03/2018 00:57:46:
The April London Alternative Marked is on the SECOND Sunday!

Affordable Leather goes full https

05/10/2017 12:46:05:
We have updated our site for full end-to-end encryption

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