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Thuddy Suede Floggers back in stock!

Published: 01/04/2016 15:11:01

If you like a good "thud" sensation from a flogging, then you need to take a look at our Heavy Suede Loop Tail Floggers

We are pleased to announce that they are now back in stock in all colours: Black, Red, Black and Red or Black and Purple.

They have 7 inch (18cm) handles which, unlike many other floggers you see, means that they are well balanced and are comfortable to use for extended sessions without you needing to hold on to them too tight to keep them in the right place in your hand.

The falls are 20 inches (50cm) long which makes them wonderfully heavy (no less than 600 grammes!) to give a deep-down "thump" sensation when they hit.

If you want to give your sub or slave a flogging which will leave them floating on a cloud of endorphins, these are the floggers for you :-)

Please note that, at present we only have a few of these available, so order now and don't miss out!

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