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Dental Gags Back in Stock

Published: 11/07/2017 01:13:11

We have both the PVC Coated Jennings Dental Gags and PVC Coated Whitehead Dental Gags in stock again.

These gags are designed to hold the wearer’s mouth open if you want to use them as your ashtray or for "forced" oral sex.

They have a leather strap at the back to secure them in place and stop your subject spitting them out. Also, as the name suggests, the metal mouth bars have a coating of PVC to protect the user’s teeth.

These gags make a great addition to your fetish toy box!

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Two Markets in October

05/09/2017 16:20:38:
Come to the LAM or the LFW Market (or both!)

Dental Gags Back in Stock

11/07/2017 01:13:11:
Open wide and say AAAAAH...!

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