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All sizes of Stainless Steel Collars available

Published: 16/04/2016 00:56:47

If you want a heavy but comfortable collar for your slave to wear, then these Locking Stainless Steel Slave Collars are the perfect option and we now have all sizes in stock from 12 inch (30cm) necks up to 18 inch (45cm) necks.

They are shaped to curve down at the front to rest on the collar bones (the Turian style for you fans of John Norman’s Gor stories) meaning that they won't press down uncomfortably on the sides of the neck as many similar collars do.
These collars are made from 304 grade stainless steel and have a heart-shaped padlock included too.

Think how great your sub or slave or Kajira would look wearing one of these, then hurry to buy a Stainless Steel Slave Collars

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